Guest Musicians

Guest Musicians

Not only has Los Bichos played with the original cast, but many times, other friends have done a great job joining the magic of playing the good old Beatles tunes. This guys have shared the stage many times, for many reasons as well, and leaving behind a good friendship with the original members.

Los Bichos guest musicians are:

Gerby Valladi

Gerby Valladi – Banda Americana

José Gabriel Morales


Carlos Meza

Bassman – Hot Sugar Mamma

Jimmy Rosales

Guitarrist - Ensamble Rock
Guitarrist – Ensamble Rock

Eddie Mendez

Guitarrist - El Salto del Trigre
Guitarrist – El Salto del Trigre

Kierk Orochena

Bassman - Frakmentos
Bassman – Frakmentos

Sergio Fernández Taz

Drummer - Alternativa
Drummer – Alternativa

Luis Pedro González

Bassman - Tijuana Love
Bassman – Tijuana Love