The Beatles Experience

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Los Bichos are here!


“Sucesores de los Beatles”
Josè Luis Escobar, Revista D

“…recuerdan la popularidad de The Beatles,…”
Keneth Cruz, Prensa Libre

Los Bichos Lovely Fans Tribute band is a rock group composed of Beatles fans, who love and respect the legacy of the legendary Fab Four. Every gig the audience delights with more than two hours of a selection of songs, from the early works through the psychedelic and ending with the final works, all of them are performed accurately, in tune and matching what you hear on the recording session.


This is a unique experience, because all the instruments you hear are played alive on stage. Throught the concert, you will learn anecdotes about this amazing band from Liverpool, and if you are lucky you can end up taking home one original album or poster.